A downloadable game for Windows

Ludum dare 44 (Compo)

  • Control a constantly accelerating spaceship.
  • Collect special orbs with unique abilities.
  • Trade your energy for brakes or a wormhole to escape.


Survive for as long as you can, trying to reduce your time into the negatives as far as you can.


The character will follow the cursor, the left mouse button will slow the player and consume energy when held.

Colliding with asteroids consumes energy and reduces speed

  • RED Orbs earn 1 Energy.
  • YELLOW Orbs reduce the timer by 10 seconds.
  • GREEN Orbs reduce speed for about 13 seconds.
  • BLUE Orbs attract other orbs for about 13 seconds.

R - Restarts the game, ESC - Restarts or exits the game, P - Consumes 20 energy to create a portal. 

Install instructions

Please make sure to extract the ZIP file before using any of the files! Thanks for downloading.


Conglomeravity Executable.zip 2 MB
Conglomeravity Source-Code.zip 1 MB